Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need a Rabbit

I ran two miles yesterday. Jogged two miles. Race-walked two miles. Walked two miles. I started out at a good clip, especially since it was downhill and I had two neighbors to impress. From there on, I just couldn't concentrate on keeping the pace. The problem is, I do not have a runner's mind like my son Mark does. When he runs, he falls into a comfortable groove and stays there until the record ends. I speed up to 45 rpms, fall back to 33 and suddenly I'm singing Beatles tunes with the needle poised above the record.

It would be nice to have a running partner, a so-called rabbit to keep me on pace. I could also try listening to a mix of upbeat music to keep my legs on track. I have many CD's that people made for me to listen to while I was in the hospital. Mark's radiation tape might be a good one to spur me on. I don't have a ipod though so I'll have to figure how to put the cd tunes onto something portable. Marty can figure something out.


Ronni Gordon said...

Question: Did you use all those ways to walk/run two miles or did you do each for two miles and end up going eight miles? I'm a little confused! If it's two total, that's terrific. If it's eight, I'm falling off my chair!

PJ said...

I did two miles. I can walk eight miles, but doubt I could run it. Maybe someday.