Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time is Speeding Up

Is it today already? It's 7:17 am and I've already had one cup of coffee. Marty, Turbo and Harry are safely asleep upstairs while I speed through time. This is #300.

Yesterday flew by, and I didn't even have a nap to slow it down. I met my friend Susan for coffee and we caught up on kids and life. I went straight home to fill out financial aid forms and write a query letter to a book agent, had a freak accident involving a printer (I'm okay), received a phone call from the library about someone trying to reach me, and had to break for food I was so starved.

The morning gone, I called the number passed onto me by the library that was a further reminder that time waits for no man or woman. I spoke with a fellow graduate of Centereach High School (1972) about plans to get together this summer and have some fun. I missed the last official reunion because I was in transit between Costa Rica and Rhode Island. I plan on attending this event. I hope my hair grows out of the fuzzy stage.

The afternoon passed in a blur. I tried to stay on task, making phone calls, dental appointments, plans for dinner Saturday night. I walked Turbo since it was so nice out, did a little exercise for my shoulder, had another snack, and started planning dinner. Harry had plans so I was on my own. I decided on bean and cheese enchiladas. Yum.

Mark ran the 3000 meters at the Armory, setting a personal record. He ran the 3rd fastest time in for a Freshman in Columbia's history. Mariel's on her way to spring break with the track team, a yearly tradition that appears wholesome. They train and run in meets. I'm sure beer is involved somewhere. Hey, I stepped out of time for a minute. This paragraph could have been written say, tomorrow.

After dinner, which was delicious, I put on my jammies and waited for Marty to come home from NY. I fell asleep after Jeopardy, but woke up as soon as he arrived. He was bringing me a chocolate babka from Brooklyn and I couldn't wait to have a slice. Marty tucked me in around 10 pm. Time immediately stopped and I went to the place where snacks are plentiful, served by beautiful men in nice clothes.

I tried to slow time by writing this post, but I see I have not. Not only is time getting away from me, my stomach is crying out for food and no men in white are on hand to serve me.

Hey, Marty!

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EGlencross said...

Thast an aweful lot of food in that post...are you switching over to a Julia Child style blog? or just going for the steroid physique..Georgie took prednisone for a few weeks ..I don't rememebr the munchies...maybe she just crept down in the night and devoured everything...?