Monday, March 22, 2010


Now that I've been sleeping better and eating a little less (it was getting excessive, really) I've had lots of energy and feel I'm accomplishing more. Every day I have a ritual that includes reading, writing and exercising. Yesterday I ran. Being the weekend, I didn't read more than The New York Times and I wrote nothing. Marty and I were busy with other things.

I've been busy sending query letters to agents. I hope to get a nibble soon because I think the book is mostly written and might even need paring down. The parts I'm writing now I'm using everyday English--no SAT words. The blog entries I think are worth including have a less formal tone, but I play with words a lot and use my vocabulary in ways I don't when I'm speaking or writing lateness excuses for Harry, whom I better go wake up. He has a serious case of senioritis and had been asking to skip first period several times over the past few weeks. He has a pretty good excuse today in that yesterday he spent the entire day competing for his high school in the Academic Decathalon. Not only did East Greenwich High School win, it was the first time a public school won in Rhode Island in the past decade. I note this because the private schools dedicate a class to academic decathalon whereas E.G. meets after school once a week for five months to prepare. Last year, they got second. Harry himself took home the gold in economics and a bronze in essay writing. The gold gets him $500, not bad for a day's work. Also, the team gets to go to the National Competition in Nebraska in April. Enough bragging. Just another moment for me to enjoy.

Having been through what I've been through, I savor these moments. Simple things like chatting with my daughter, having lunch out with my husband become so wonderful, I can't stand it. I'll stop now.


Jim said...

Brag all you want, PJ. We understand.

My Mom made rib roast, blue cheese polenta, roasted brussels and carrots, and other goodies on Saturday. It was magically delicious.

Glad you're running and all is well. Jim

George Jempty said...

Glad you are feeling so much better. Congrats to Harry!