Saturday, October 13, 2012

Envelopes Are Made to Be Pushed

My recent lethargy seems to be lifting, and it's not due to drugs. I'm still waiting for the Lyrica to be approved.

Yesterday, I hung around the apartment trying to make my desk recognizable as a desk. Then I took the subway downtown to meet my friend Jim for lunch. He took me to a fancy-shmancy restaurant and we had a mahvelous meal. Buoyed by my clam chowder, chicken caesar salad and a cool, crisp Sancerre, I made a bold decision. I walked a block to Century 21.

Century 21 is a discount department store crammed with merchandise and people. Tourists flock there. I once saw a German man drop $7000 cash on a suit and some shirts and ties. Only the strong survive this store, where getting jabbed with elbows is expected. I went in to look for a birthday gift for my son and some items requested by my daughter.

On the mens clothing front, I was very successful. Even with my coat off, the sweat was pouring down my face. I didn't find anything for my daughter so I went home, only I didn't go straight home. The express train was waiting for me at Fulton Street so I took it to 86th where there is an H&M clothing store. This is another toxic shopping venue, but I would not be thwarted.

After finding exactly what I was looking for, I stood on line sweating for 20 minutes to purchase my bargains. Then I rushed home (not easy with my bum left foot (another story) to wake Marty and drive up to Poughkeepsie to take my son out for dinner. I didn't even nap in the car!

I had a martini, something not approved by my medical staff. Harry is my baby and he just turned 20. The cold crisp cocktail made me feel great, something my buckets of pills do not.

This morning, we rose early and drove to Waterford, CT to see Harry compete in a 8k cross country race. It was a beautiful day, and Harry PR'd and was happy. We had lunch al fresco at Captain Scott's which is a lobster shack in the marina in New London. As per my friend Jim's recommendation, I had a lobster roll, made without mayo (yuck), just butter and lemon.

We flew back to NYC but I was unconscious for most of it. I needed that nap. In 45 minutes we have to be in midtown to meet people for dinner.


Sue said...

Eric's birthday was October 13th. Was that Harry's as well? Happy Birthday to Harry!

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