Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Upping the Pred

I saw my oncologist yesterday and told him how awful I feel physically and mentally. He was very sympathetic and agreed we needed to do something. The something is a high dose of prednisone (60 mg) for 4 days and then a gradual taper back down to 20. I took 60 yesterday and I'm in hyperdrive. I will also see a therapist.

You can tell right away when I have excess energy. I switch my shoes according to the season. I organize my lingerie/socks/scarves drawer and throw out things that add to my sense of disorder. I can barely tolerate disorder in my natural state. On predinisone, I'm an unstable nuclear device.

My plans for the day, other than achieving world peace, include another Vidaza shot, yoga, perhaps a massage and a trip to the pharmacy to pick up all my drugs. I plan to make turkey thigh curry tonight. Last night I crashed and burned before I had a chance to make it. Marty took pity on me and made Trader Joe's hot dogs and a salad.

The Yankee game and the debate faded fast. It's just as well.

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