Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Face Plant

Here's another one for the books: yesterday I did a face-plant. It was quite easy for me to do, considering my lack of dexterity. I was taking Buck for a walk. I stepped outside and tried to manage a blind dog while turning to grab the pooper scooper, a device I must use because I can't bend down and grab things.

I slammed intothe pavement outside my door, hitting my forehead, the bridge of my nose and my lip. The first thing I checked for was broken teeth. I had miraculously escape that injury. As I rose, I saw blood everywhere. I ran inside and pressed towels into my face. I dared to look in the mirror to see the damage. The next thing I did was take an Ativan and some ibuprofen. Then I took out the ice pack, got on the couch and applied the pack to my face.

After that, I noticed other cuts I had to attend to and since my wrist hurt I put on an ace bandage. I woke up this morning to two black eyes and a face out of a horror movie. But I feel okay, just a little muscle soreness. I was able to carry on with my morning routine, including walking Buck to the park without incident.

This afternoon I'm going to the hospital for a Vidaza injection and will have the nurse look at my wounds. Then it's off to a mammogram and a bone scan. I think my bones are pretty strong when you consider all the times I've fallen without breaking anything.

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George Jempty said...

Patient: "It hurts when I do this." Doctor: "Don't do that."

Seriously -- be careful!