Friday, August 23, 2013

Neurology Doc Says I'm "Normal"

My neurologist's name is Zoltan Fecetti. I think he's Bulgarian. He was thorough, and found no reason for concern. The biggest poster in his office is about Parkinson's Disease, from which my grandmother suffered in her later years.

He checked everything. He commented that the shoes I was wearing were not good for my balance. These were the shoes I was wearing for the face-plant and the day I fell while getting off the bus in NYC a couple of weeks ago. I guess I can only wear these sandals, which have no heel and are super-comfortable, when Marty is escorting me to dinner or an event.

The doctor prescribed an extra neurontin per day for neuropathy. Personally, I think my problem has more to do with my right leg being weaker than my left. Maybe I should just walk softly and slowly and carry a big stick for support.

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