Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Plog--A Retrospective Part III

These memories are starting to wear me down, but they're helping me deal with what's happened to me. Plus they make me laugh.

January 25, 2010. "I tried to use my time tethered to the (Photopheresis) machine wisely. Unfortunately, I couldn't see straight most of the time and so sat there like a slab of meat undergoing a bizarre koshering ritual. My blood was sucked out and sorted into components. The T-cells were isolated and treated with UVA light. Most of the blood was returned to me. T-cells are the white blood cells that are attacking my body, keeping it leukemia-free but wreaking havoc on various body parts and systems. The treatment is a non-toxic way of handcuffing these bad boys and keeping them in line."

March 15, 2010. "Here we are back at the Ides of March. Today is Leah Ryan's birthday. Leah and I were cyberspace buddies who never had a chance to meet in the real world. She died of leukemia in June 2008, after a transplant that didn't work."

March 25, 2010."Five years ago today, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I may be badly bruised, but I'm not beaten."

April 14, 2010. "When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me, whispering words of wisdom, let it be. Mom, November 24, 1931 - April 14, 1985"

May 10, 2010. "I had all my chicks together on Sunday (Mothers' Day), the only gift I wanted."

June 9, 2010. "Dori fought the good fight, a fight I well understand. The worst part of the struggle isn’t the nausea, the pain, the fear, the boredom. The worst part is the mental anguish that comes from watching loved ones worry. Leaving this life is hard; leaving your family and friends exquisite torture."

July 18, 2010. "After 7 nasty months of taking this cruel but effective medication, I'm cured! My liver has off-loaded all the iron necessary, thanks to Exjade. Does this mean I'm jaded again?" 

November 17, 2010. "Early yesterday, I walked to the surgeon's office to have a bit of my cheek sliced away. Two months ago, a tiny melanoma was found there by my dermatologist. The worst part was the lidocaine pricks, but I'm used to that."

November 29, 2010. "Friends, family, doctors, and readers of this blog know that severe dry eyes have been my Achilles heel for some time now. Of all my symptoms, my eyes have prevented me from doing so many things. They also make me clumsy. And did I ever mention that they hurt?" 

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