Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flame-Retardant Garments for the Politically Active

A friend of mine, commenting on my return to numerous pre-transplant activities, wanted to know when I would resume ranting about politics. The truth is, I get no kick from the subject, and most politicians make me cringe. That's because when I'm listening to a politician speak (a mercifully rare event), a little voice often starts chanting: liar liar pants on fire. But on this day of the Iowa Caucuses, it seems fitting to allow myself a moment of brief bloviation. Would that politicians be so courteous to their audiences.

Warning: You may be offended by the next paragraph. Immediately skip to the final paragraph if this occurs.

America, you re-elected George Bush. Democrats, you rubber-stamped some of his most questionable actions. It's not easy to swim against the tide, to say no to a mob of raving war-mongerers. It's difficult to say nay when the vast majority say yea, to have the courage to follow your moral compass, political expediency be damned. But when you approve something that turns out to be a disaster, not to mention unpopular, endless spinning is necessary to explain your misguided vote. Expensive designer pantsuits go up in flames. Experience? The most experienced politicians are quite adept at covering their hind quarters. Perhaps they should look into flame-retardant fabric.

Enough. I don't want to tax my immune system. Note to myself: avoid crowds, salad bars, politics.

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Kunal said...

Right on, PJ! I couldn't have said it better.