Monday, January 14, 2008

The Snowy Day

A frosty Frostian scene unfolds beyond the bay window in my kitchen. My woods are filling up, lovely, dark and deep. All is quiet, as three teenagers dream about snow days, unaware their dreams have come true. May as well enjoy the peace while I can, because once they come out of hibernation, there will be eggs to fry, among other things. I figure I have 3 hours.

Snow and I are simpatico. When it first falls it makes everything so clean, and who can deny that I'm the Queen of Clean. The contrast between light and dark gives my backyard definition it didn't have yesterday, when it was a blur of brown. This precise pristine scene won't last long. Not long enough. Huge sigh.

Snow mesmerizes, makes you stop, stare. Makes you want to drink hot cocoa and read poetry by the fire.

Snow, take me prisoner.

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