Thursday, January 31, 2008

What, Me Worry?

I've been too carefree lately. Time for a little anxiety. Here's a list of things I'm worried about:

1) I feel too good--does that mean relapse?
2) Is the crust on my lower lip graft v. host, and if it is, does that mean I won't relapse?
3) If we survive Mark's college application process, how will we finance college?
4) Is Mariel ready for her semester in Ecuador? Am I? Ah, the perils of 3rd world travel/life. I know them intimately.
5) What's wrong with Turbo's kidneys and can we fix them?
6) When will my immune system reconstitute so I can come out of hiding? Will it ever be normal, or will I be chronically under-immune?
7) What if the sweater I've been knitting for an eternity looks like hell when I finally finish it?
8) What if I have nothing to report in this blog and start writing questionable posts like this one?
9) If the Pats win the Superbowl, will their victory parade impede us during our trip to Boston Tuesday? Last place I want to be is behind a rolling duck amidst inebriated Bostonians.
10) If I publish this post will you worry about my worry?

I'll try not to worry my warts. Oh, I don't have warts. Are they viral or fungal?


rebecca said...

If the Giants win the Super Bowl, will transplanted* New Yorkers become targets?

* pun intended

bravenewfrickenworld said...

Is the heartburn I had last night a sign that I'm going to die soon? Will that sausage that I just took out of the freezer be ready to cook at dinnertime? Will the new DVD player we're buying to replace the broken one work with my elderly television? Does this rough patch on my elbow signal an imminent hospital admission? Etc.

You know who.