Friday, May 29, 2009

Goals for Today

1) eat chocolate

2) cast spell on evil nutrition nazi

3) invent under armour hospital gown

4) don't dream it--be it

5) create white blood cells

6) do stomach crunches (note: find stomach)

7) brush up my Shakespeare

9) laugh (and yeah I skipped #8)

10) live a little


Ken R said...

Admirable goals Patty! I think that your first and last goals are pretty much the same!! Keep thinking good thoughts - I hear they are good for creating white cells!

Ronni Gordon said...

I like your goals.

Chocolate will help your potassium level!

Thank you for reminding me to do my exercises. I haven't been that good about it.

Jim said...

Dori just said, from the other room, "You're reading PJ."

Yup, busted for laughing my arse off.