Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Navigating the Nadir

The only body part firing yesterday was my brain. I guess that organ takes minimal blood cells to function properly. This may be debatable.

I spent most of the day sitting, chatting on the phone and writing. I wrote a letter to President Obama about some policy issues as they currently affect me and my family. At one point, I got off the couch and took a shower, and then went on a slow walk with my husband. The couch beckoned once more, and there I remained parked for most of the afternoon. Time passed extremely quickly for some reason, and before I knew it my husband was back from shopping and my sons home from school/practice. It was time to move on to the next room, where I draped myself over my chaise and demanded tea and crumpets. We were fresh out of crumpets so I had a biscuit.

My husband made dinner and I read a little. I listened to all four sides of Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. I even read the liner notes (yes, I'm talking records here; we actually have a turntable). This was good for the soul. Thanks, Stevland.

I managed to stay conscious until roughly 9 pm. What I don't understand is, if I'm essentially doing nothing, moving oh so slowly through the day, why is time speeding up? It's a conundrum wrapped inside a paradox parading as an enigma.


Lea Morrison said...

Well, your brain is firing away that is for sure and so evident! Mine collapsed during transplant and after.

I am in awe. Keep on taking interests and goals even if they are minor ones from your perspective.

Your grace and perception amaze me.

Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds like you're doing great, all things considered. My brain went pretty quickly and I was so upset that I couldn't read...and glad when I could read again. So I'm glad you can concentrate on things that interest you, surrounded by your wonderful family.

Brenda said...

What impressed me most was your letter to Obama. So you can concentrate THAT well! I meant to write and complain to my bank about not having paid my rent for two months, which nearly got me kicked out of my flat while in hospital, and never got around to it even a year after transplant. What with time flying: At the moment it's the best thing that can happen to you. And your NOT doing nothing! I don't think you even know what doing nothing means, and I hope you'll never find out. :-)

Big, strong hugs, Brenda