Thursday, May 21, 2009

The PJFF Wants YOU!

The PJ Freedom Fund is now accepting contributions. Here's what I need:

*pies with tools inside
*tickets to a remote (tropical) location where coffee is grown
*a new identity to fool those bad ass leukemic clones
*an order of La Cirque's Pasta Primavera

Can someone find out why my hair hasn't fallen out yet? It should have by now. I don't feel like shaving.

After reading an article about how the H1N1 virus doesn't seem as virulent among those born pre-1957, I wonder whether I fall into the stats or the cracks. I was born in 1954, so I could theoretically have some immunity to this disease, a good thing because I'm sure I'm in the high risk category for it. But it's complicated. My old immune system was fried out of me during my transplant and replaced by the immune systems of two babes born in the late '90's. I suppose if they had acquired some natural immunities from their mothers, they'd give me a little protection. However, their mothers were probably born post 1957. Poof. Immunity gone?

And now we shall all sing:

Way down in hospital land
tell all physicians to
let my pj go
let my pj go
let my pj go.


NJer said...

Hope you can go home soon. Thinking of you.

Ronni Gordon said...

You are very funny! I will sing the song.

Charlie Jempty said...

*a new identity to fool those bad ass leukemic clones

Hey! It's Patsy from Brooklyn. Better stay away. He knows people.

This note's for you. I can name that tune in one note. Is it "Let my PJ go? Music heals.